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Transform your Messaging and your Impact - HOW to use storytelling so people listen and take action

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Most meetings or presentations begin with a title slide followed by an agenda. Or even worse, they don't have a desired outcome or agenda. Here we go again… hmmm… maybe Alex sent me an email… just going to quickly check… hmmm… I am picking up the kids today, or is it my partner's turn… better check that, too… what did she say about fostering innovation… I better nod my head and smile…

Two women sitting at a table conversing and smiling
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Let's rewind. What if my intention was to ensure that this meeting would be remembered at the end of the week? What if I said this meeting will be different than any other meeting you have had this week?! Would you listen to me instead of checking on your emails from Alex or whether it is your turn to pick up the kids?

If you want your audience, regardless of whether it is customers or employees, you need to catch peoples attention; you need to be relevant and clear. Your audience needs to know what's in it for them.

What if I promised you in our next meeting that if we stay focused, we can get you out of here an hour earlier? Are you excited?

Here are the 5 HOW questions you should be asking yourself as you think about a relevant story to tell in your next meeting:

1. How well do you know your audience's interests? Knowing them means you

can tailor your narrative to resonate on a personal level. Find out more about

understanding your audience in my blog post on human insights.

2. How can a personal story illuminate the topic? Authenticity is key. Sharing

your experiences builds trust and connection.

3. How can you capture the attention of your audience from the start? Your

opening is your hook; make it sharp.

4. How will you engage your audience to actively listen or even participate?

Think of your story as an interactive series, and leave your audience wanting


5. How can your story propel action? Your story should be the spark that ignites

change and drives action.

So, as you consider your next pitch and feel you are aware of your audience's human insight, ask yourself, "What's the story?" Embrace the power of storytelling, and watch as it transforms minds, hearts, and the world.

Ready to turn your next meeting or presentation into something memorable? Join me on this storytelling journey. Sign up for more insights, and let your narrative voice be heard.

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