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Hi, I’m Liza.
And I love to tell a good story.

My Roots

I take immense pride in my Canadian heritage, a foundation instilled by a father whose cowboy wisdom taught me the resilience to get back in the saddle. My mother is a talker, and I grew up listening. She nurtured my belief that I could conquer any aspiration, and now I‘m a talker, too.

Photo de Liza souriant à la caméra

With these roots as my foundation, I’ve been able to navigate the world of corporate leadership and deal with the labels such as “overly joyful,” “excessively humorous,” “too tall,” or “overly people centric”. Instead of letting these labels deter me, I've transformed them into my unique strengths which have helped me harness my purpose.

Building my career

My career path has traversed a broad spectrum, including roles as Chief Sustainability Officer and Chief People Officer within a prominent professional services firm. Over the years, I've led international marketing teams, defined brand strategies and communications, and engineered organizational transformations to shape high-performing teams. Throughout this journey, I've engaged with boards, executives, promotion panels, and audiences of varying scales. These experiences have exposed me to both accolades and challenges on my personal development journey, and I strongly believe that I am always right where I need to be.     

Taking my experiences forward

My expertise converges at the intersection of individual dynamics and systemic intricacies, using wholistic design to empower transformative change:

1. Transformation: Guiding strategic adaptation and growth.
2. Regeneration: Ensuring the sustainability of systems through change.
3. Leadership: Empowering individuals and organizations to realize their potential.

My diverse career path has equipped me with a versatile toolkit, ready to assist you in engaging your audience and leading transformative endeavors for the sustainable change we need to thrive. 

Photo de Liza regardant la caméra, assise sur une chaise

My mission is to help you unleash your superpowers, lead with compassion and champion a regenerative future.

I’m an eternal optimist with an innate ability to discern potential even in the most challenging circumstances. I’m driven by grounded hope and compassion, which are  woven into the stories of my life.


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