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Communication transformationnelle

Creating stronger connections and impact, one conversation at a time

Transform your messaging with Liza!

Lisa Engel
Many find delivering impactful messages daunting, but I've discovered a true passion for it! I've crafted a 3-step approach, grounded in real insights and the art of storytelling.

My 3-step approach

1. Story Profiling
Profilage d'histoire

Discover what motivates your audience and the deep insight that drives their actions

2. Story Writing
Écriture d'histoire

Craft your compelling story using the right insights

3. Story Telling
Raconter une histoire

Design and deliver your engaging message for actionable change.

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Hire me as your keynote speaker, and I'll implement these steps to ignite your transformation toward success!

Leadership transformationnel

Leaders who can truly connect to their audiences are able to transform people and ecosystems - creating the change we need to see.

Leadership transformationnel

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